Nataniël Lente Kombuis

Posted on Tue September 3, 2019.

23 September 2019- 20% Discount on Accommodation at Mont d'Or Bohemian House

Get a 20% discount on your accommodation on the evening of the 23rd of September if you are attending Nataniël's Lente Kombuis.

20% Discount on Accommodation

If your culinary creativity is still hibernating after this winter, then this is the event for you. Nataniël demonstrates in the Lentekombuis exactly how to cook delightful dishes and attract enthusiastic food aficionados. While participants are cooking and chatting, Nataniël is on stage demonstrating simple, tasty dishes, while entertaining visitors with his unique sense of humour. Make your experience a special one by spending the evening at the Mont d’Or Bohemian House which also showcases and incredible art collection and antique furniture. Book now and get a 20% discount on your accommodation at [email protected]/ 072 654 4122.