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Whatever you do, do it in style at the Pretoria Country Club

Posted on Tue November 28, 2017 in Things to do in Pretoria.

If you’re a keen sportsman, sportswoman, card player or a wine or whiskey aficionado – or you’re just looking for something fun to do in the Waterkloof area – why not do it in style at the Pretoria Country Club?

The Pretoria Country Club is a renowned sports and social venue in the beautiful Waterkloof area. With a variety of sports venues, an impressive par 72 parklands golf course designed by the Gary Player group, and a classic clubhouse that dates back to 1910, this exclusive establishment is for everyone who wants to add a level of sophistication to their favourite pastime.

What happens at the Pretoria Country Club?

Whether you’re enthusiastic about golf, tennis, squash, or bowls – or you’re a first-timer – the Pretoria Country Club is the place for you. With a highly rated golf course, great quality tennis courts and some of the best squash courts in the country, you’re sure to have a top-notch experience. The frequent sporting events and clinics make it easy for anyone to join in on the fun – no matter your level of skill. To add to the experience, each sport has its own facilities and bar, so you’ll never be short of refreshments or – more importantly – a nice cold one after a game.

A crisp beer after a day in the sun will do well to quench your thirst, but in terms of taste experiences at the Pretoria Country Club, it’s only a drop in the bucket (or shall we say barrel?). If you’re interested in tasting fine wines and whiskeys from all over the world, be on the lookout for the Pretoria Country Club’s regular tasting and pairing events. Taste some of South Africa’s top wines and the world’s top whiskeys, and let your palate be enriched by the carefully selected, complementary pairings. You’ll also find extensive food and drinks menus at all of the Pretoria Country Club’s social events and competitions, so no matter where you are or what you do, you’ll never be far away from good quality refreshments.

The social activities at the club range from dancing classes and cookouts to bridge tournaments and culinary tasting experiences at one of the restaurants. There’s never a shortage of events and challenges, so check out the Pretoria Country Club’s website to see how you can get involved, learn something new and meet interesting people.

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So, whether your day involves long hours in boardrooms, testing your skills on the course, or sipping your peaty Laphroaig in a classic clubhouse, at Mont d’Or Bohemian House, we make it easy for you to relax. Come and experience one of our signature spa treatments (for both men and women), cool off in our tranquil pool or relax in your uniquely themed, 5-star luxury room.  Our team will make sure you get a fantastic night’s sleep and you leave refreshed and ready for whatever the next day might bring.

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