Sê Groete vir Ma - Atterbury Theatre

Posted on Fri October 4, 2019.

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For the first time in quite a while Hannes van Wyk presents a brand new one-act, “Sê groete vir Ma” (Say hi to Mom). Hannes is Reghardt Roberts van Aswegen, whose whole existence and raison d’etre evolves around one woman: his mother.

Teas and laughs are co-existent, as is the bond between a mother and her child. It tells about their life journey together, the pain and unavoidability of ageing, as well as trying to find justification for mistakes made out of love for each other.

It relates Reghardt’s story, a sensitive child who grew up on a farm and consequently has to face “being a man”, “act like a man”. It tells us about his dad, his rather not-so-bright brother and his four-footed, feathered chicken, Knoop. Knoop teaches him about death as well as what it is like to experience humiliation.

This play is touching and emotional. It deals with events you can identify with and eventually that which is universal: the wretched tick-tock of the clock that saves no one from eventual ageing and ill-health. It is a story for everyone and is a source of laughter, accompanied by a degree of pain, a collective expression of life’s nuances. End off this once-in-a-lifetime by staying at Mont d’Or Bohemian House. Book your accommodation now and get a 20% discount at [email protected]